MORE CAKE: Sun in Sagittarius/Moon in Leo

There is always more good. And there is always more… surprise. Layer upon layer.

I love the Tarot because it illustrates this so well: from the stability of the four to the uncertainty of the five to the harmony and hope of the six to the WTF of the seven — such contradictory cards in that group!

Mr. Crowley’s passionate and sometimes sombre assessments make me smile.

Here he is on the Seven of Pentacles, a card of much controversy for me:

“Sevens are the degeneration of the element, it’s utmost weakness… there is no effort, not even dream… everything is sunk in sloth. But in one sense this is the fullest possible establishment of matter — the lowest fallen and therefore the highest exalted.”


The most important structures that I can teach my tarot soldiers: the elements and suits, the numbers, the language of Tarot.

In a three-week class, we can’t do it all but we’re creating a foundation together. I learn from them too! (Do you want to join us? Not too late. Next week we discus the Court Cards and the architecture of the Tarot spread. Week three will be the Majors and the poetics of asking Tarot questions.)

Astrology-wise, the Moon is in entertaining Leo. Have a little fun! Venus is sextile Saturn. Excellent transits for talking to my new accountant. Serious about money. We want to be in the black she said.

What are YOU putting together under this sextile —  while Moon in Leo wants to live, love, and enjoy delights.

I brought home donuts from my travels. All in good time 🙂

Happy Weekend, y’all
Love, MP


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