More Boobies: Yes, The Sun Is Still In Cancer

"ingmar bergman"
Ingmar Bergman: Sun in Cancer

My fellow astrologer Matthew Currie, upon reading my post entitled Boobies Boobies Boobies, felt it necessary to suggest that I write more often on such popular Cancerian keywords i.e. the breast. Or maybe he wanted to hear more about my trip to Victoria’s Secret; I’m not entirely sure.

In either case, it made me think about famous Cancerians, male Cancerians, and their relationship to The Breast. One of my favorites, director Ingmar Bergman, had Sun in Cancer in the 9th House. Philosophical, psychological. profound, his movies are full of memories (Cancer) of childhood (Cancer) and women/mothers (Cancer). And not only is his Sun in the 9th House, his North Node is in Sagittarius!

This combination never fails to fascinate me because Cancer is home and Sagittarius is travelling. Can the native ever be at rest?

But back to the breast: symbol of nourishment and security, and, in some cultures, sex. When I was a teenager, I wished I were flat-chested. Hated that this most private thing, the body, was becoming public, obvious. In the years that followed, I felt neutral, I didn’t mind it. Older now, I love the shape of shapely women. It makes the most sense to me.

The first astrologer I ever went to told me that Cancers get better as they age. So maybe I’m coming into my own, right now, as I write about the breast. My ex-boyfriend, also a Cancer Sun, was immensely sensitive there.

All this stream of consciousness (thank you Mercury in Cancer) is somehow supposed to lead me back to the films of Ingmar Bergman, whose Moon in Libra squared his Pluto in Cancer. No wonder the movies are so controlled and yet so passionate. And dark, of course. His Sagittarius side allowed him, pushed him, to broadcast (Jupiter) the riches of the 4th House.

But what about the breast you say? Well, we have the Sun in Cancer just a little while longer so here’s a writing (or thinking or meditation) exercise for you. Ask yourself: what makes you feel most secure, most sated, most suckled. What feeds you? Who feeds you? Where is home? Are you home? And if not, when can you get there? I think you should get there; I think you should find it.

Because once the Sun moves into the grand fire of Leo our focus will change, we’ll adjust our glasses, and we’ll be looking elsewhere, not at the breast. So use this time to feed yourself, your Moon, your 4th House.

And if you are looking for a movie recommendation, Fanny and Alexander is my favorite 🙂

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