More Advice For Moon Pluto People (And Anyone Else)

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Today’s Advice for Moon Pluto People begins here: now, I am not advocating any particular New Age guru, however, there was something I read once in one of those AbrahamHicks books about intensely focusing on a Good Thing.

For example, let’s say you feel like shit. Maybe someone left you. Maybe you left your job. Maybe you’re broke, depressed.

Maybe the transits are hammering you.

Maybe it’s nothing big. Maybe it’s a series of little frustrations.

This advice that I read is for frustration. The book said to focus your attention on one Good Thing in your life and pretty much blow it up out of all proportion, exaggerate it until it takes over your thinking. Sound like Neptune? Fogging up the view.

I remember practicing this with a dog I loved. She wasn’t my dog but I saw her every day, June the basset hound. I would think of my good fortune in knowing her until it was all I felt. Made myself swell in this love.

So you can do this too. Think of just one good thing in your life, anything, and Jupiterize it, make it big, and then Neptune it: swim in it. Create your escape.

What’s the point? The point is allowing yourself to take a break from whatever’s got you down. I suppose it’s similar to daydreaming but you are actually using something in your life that you have now. Tell yourself how very very lucky you are. And maybe you won’t believe it at first but then when you feel like shit again, you can call up the memory, the image, of this Good Thing. Try it!

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