More About Mars (In Virgo, In Libra…)

I’m starting with the 12th House because Mars (now in Virgo) is transiting the tail-end of my 12th and EVERYTHING for me goes back to The Spiritual.

EVERYTHING. All roads lead.

The 12th House is a mystical house.

It rules not just suffering but THE SEA. The afterworld. Other not-so-random keywords: witches, solitude, meditation, LARGE ANIMALS.

12th House people are lion tamers and we confront the Divine (a.k.a the large animal, the lion) on a daily basis.

I have Venus in the 12th House. Mars conjoined my Venus last week. Venus is what we VALUE and love. What we “hope to increase” (says Howard Sasportas) and I believe we can look on Mars in Virgo Season (starting today!) as an opportunity to GET CLEAN.

Not because we are dirty. Not because there is… something wrong.

Okay okay okay maybe there IS something wrong says my Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo.

“Continual improvement” says Virgo.

We can zero in on the grunge and expunge. We can make it better. We can work it out.

And after Virgo (the virgin), comes Libra (married). It’s a change in status so change your habits NOW, take good care of YOU now, while Mars is in Virgo so you can be a better partner, husband, wife by the time Mars enters Libra which will not only RETROGRADE (redo, review) but square Jupiter, square Pluto, and oppose Uranus in the months long process.

Jupiter = BIG

Pluto = TABOO

Uranus = SURPRISE!

Sound fun? 😉

Here’s the gift of this transit, for better or worse: you won’t be alone.

Mars in Libra, Mars in the 7th House, DOES NOT WANT TO BE ALONE. Cannot bear it. So either you will be the Mars in Libra person or peeps in your life will be showing off this energy.

The question becomes though: who, what do you love? And who, what is your partner? And who, what brings you peace? And who, what are you willing to fight for?

You WILL want to break the rules says Uranus. You WILL want to break free. You WILL feel by any means necessary says Pluto. But you WILL also want to keep the peace and everything you have and all ducks in a row and HOW ON EARTH IS THAT POSSIBLE.

Yeah, wondering that myself.

Grand Crosses do not feel happy dappy do, and the most moveable part here is red-faced flesh and blood often angry Mars in airy make-it-nice and sweet and pretty Libra, in love with the ideal. Very Violent Place Settings indeed.

Who was I reading the other night? Oh yeah. Liz Greene makes this great point about Libra. They are obsessed with relationship in that they are obsessed with RELATING *things* i.e. matching people is not that different from matching colors or patterns! Surface. Appearance. Harmony! No clashing no clanging no shitty fabrics or matching plaid with polka dots. What looks good here, what looks good there. It’s not about fucking, merging, 8th House (that comes later).

Mars in Libra is THE test you MUST pass before you can fuck.


Love, MP


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