MoonPluto’s Weekend Romance Forecast!

"uranus square pluto"

Are you in the Mood for Love?

Or just moody for love?

Sun’s in Cancer, folks! Mercury too.

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me… Venus is retrograde in Gemini still.

You may change your mind about who you love, who you think you love. You may flirt with the mail carrier. Women (in my experience) seem to like Cancer men so if any Cancer men are reading this and looking for love, the stars are with you! Come out of your shell!



Saturday appears to be better for love than Sunday with the Moon in Leo. You’ll feel open, happy, flirty with great hair but beware of beer goggles, yours or his or hers with the Sun trine Neptune. Love is not as easy as it seems under this aspect.

Caution: if you meet someone on Saturday and fall instantly in crush, don’t get your hopes up too high.

Why? Because the aspects on Sunday are INTENSE. The person you think you are meeting may NOT be the person you’ve met i.e. too much Neptune for clarity!

Go to a museum or a concert with your best friend and when you feel certain that your Soul Mate has just walked in the room? Deposit that wisdom gem in a little box in your heart and… don’t open it until… LATER.


If he’s the one, then stop worrying!



Moon in Virgo: the worrying continues. I’m sorry to hear that. But look at this list here of aspects:

Uranus square Pluto, Moon square Jupiter, Moon opposition Neptune, Moon square Venus, Moon trine Pluto: intensity, exaggeration, excess, confusion. With the Sun in Cancer, we pay extra attention to the Moon!

And on Monday: Jupiter squares Neptune, Saturn goes direct, Mercury enters Leo.


This is what I think: if you DO find love this weekend. If you DO meet someone new or renew a love or want to call the one you left behind, know that this love is BORN on a weekend like this, born of emotional highs and lows, born of shocking (Uranus) change (Pluto), but also born of spiritual awakening (Sun trine Neptune, Jupiter square Neptune).

It could happen. But see what happens. A love born on this day WILL be extreme. Here today, gone tomorrow or obsessive compulsive or going the distance with massive opportunity for self-awareness and commitment that is more thrilling than confining.

Not so bad, eh?

Love, Mama MP

Ask me about your love life 🙂

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