MoonPluto’s Secret Tarot ‘Scopes For The Week Of May 5th

The big news this week? New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus, and Venus enters Gemini on the same day (May 9th in the Big City).

Here’s my prediction for you 🙂 Can you guess the card I pulled?

Aries:  Just go. You’ve been planning on leaving and time’s not running out but… this week is ideal for making your getaway. The Universe supports your evolution and taking these steps forward (or backwards!) is the finishing touch.

Taurus: A beautiful offer is on its way. It’s not a promise – yet, but it’s a start! Tender, romantic, a new phase, a new love. I know I’m being very direct here but we both know this New Moon contains a seed if only you will take it and plant it.

Gemini: Sweet Gemini, you’re not your usual vibrant self this week. Don’t take the idiosyncrasies of others personally and you can turn this mood swing around. I see you feeling more vulnerable than usual. This is not a problem.

Cancer:  Things are looking up. You may or may not get a raise in your money or your profile, but you’ll have everything you need, no matter the source. So double check your sources. Stay in touch with your sources. They want to help you.

Leo: I see you victorious Leo, whatever the current struggle is. It’s painful now, yes, but you are winning. One word of advice: stop cutting yourself in the process, whether that’s negative self-talk or gossip. Words have the power to hurt or heal. Negotiations rocky but good results.

Virgo: Oh lucky you Virgo. A sexy week. And isn’t that what every Virgo needs? I don’t think you need to do anything but receive. You’re the bottom not the top which means have a little more faith that things will work out. Feel impossible? I know. But it’s at these moments that it’s the most true.

Libra: I see Libra in a hurry. Reminds me of the energy around Aries this week but even faster. Escalation is favored. Bravery is favored. Fearlessness of the heart is favored. Sometimes it is wise to be impulsive. I really wouldn’t stop now, if I were you.

Scorpio: The wounded warrior still stands. This week is a reprieve from the crazy. The crazy is still out there, around you, and there will likely be another confrontation but for the moment, even within the eye of the eclipse, you can bandage your wound, stop the blood, breathe.

Sagittarius: Introspection, sweet Sag. Meditation. And be kind to yourself. The more you push it, the fewer results. You are being advised to pull back, pull in your energy. Seek wisdom from teachers who know you well. Ask questions; get answers.

Capricorn: Letting those feelings out is a good idea, Capricorn. Because you are feeling them! If you don’t set them free, they will root in you. That’s part one. Part two is to notice what is vitally alive in your life, what you want to keep. Do you swim? Water is healing for you this week.

Aquarius: Bummer. A little ache in your heart this week. The wisdom here is two fold. One: don’t hide your pain. Get support from your people. And two: the support you also can rely on is beyond your senses. Really. You’re already on your knees. Ask for help. It gets better.

Pisces: Change much, Pisces? You are undergoing a total overhaul — the likes of which would defeat a lesser soul. You are up to the task. Dress for it. Try to find some delight in the dark. Do I think you feel stuck at times? Probably. But fate is leading the horse you are on. Can’t stop now.

Love, MP


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