MoonPluto’s Prayers For Healing

I want to start a prayer group.

There is this healing center that I used to go to regularly for meditation class and one night a week there was this Prayers for Healing meditation that anyone could attend. There was a spiral notebook where you could write down names.

I want to do something similar. Need to figure out a time of course, a day of the week, so that it’s consistent, and commit to a mediation/prayer session at that time and to read over the list of names, out loud or to myself and want to publicize the day and time so that others can also sit and raise energy with me for healing (although I’d probably just keep the list of names private).

I only started thinking of this the other day so… I think what I’ll do is make a commitment to the month of June. See how that goes.

So, if you want to be on my list, send me an email (moonpluto@gmail) or a Facebook message with your name (yours, someone else’s) and I’ll start my list.

You don’t have to tell me why. In fact, if I start to get really long emails I may not read them sooo closely because I get information overload 🙂

Doesn’t matter if you are physically sick or emotionally sick or both or neither or you just need a little boost, to know that someone is thinking of you once a week, sending you some light.

Why do I do stuff like this? Venus in the 12th House (to name one thing). My Venus definitely wants her one-on-one love but the 12th House love supply is limitless. It’s not mine. It comes through me, through anyone with a 12th House Venus.

For example, instead of pining for some impossible love (been there, done that), if you too have a 12th House Venus, you can start a prayer group or a healing group or a meditation class…



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Love, MP

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