MoonPluto’s New Year’s Resolutions

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Care to share? 

We talk about this in the chat rooms. Over and over. Keep starting new threads. More things come to mind. New Moon + New Year and in CAPRICORN! We mean BUSINESS!

What I’m feeling the MOST is where transiting Mars is for me – in my Second House. And what’s interesting to me is that there’s no shame there. Just energy GO GO GO GO GO, without a second thought. Follow that Mars, keep a light on it, as you wind your way out of the Grand Cross. Book of matches, flashlight, torch. Out of the dark!

What is the Second House? What we hope to increase (says Howard Sasportas, among other things,  in his wonderful book on the Houses).

What do you hope to increase in 2014? Where are you feeling the increase? 

Love, MP

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