MoonPluto’s Mystery ‘Scopes For The Full Moon Eclipse (Part One)

"saturn in scorpio"Yes, I am obsessed with the upcoming Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini and below you will find Eclipse ‘Scopes for all signs! (Okay, half the signs, Part Two tomorrow!)

And you may read for your sun or your rising or your moon or your dog’s moon 😉 Doesn’t matter to me 🙂 For this post I’m using the Tarot to tune-in.


This is the end, Aries. The past is dead and gone. The end of what? Well, it’s not one thing. Not even a relationship or a job, although it could be that too. You know what I’m going to say, right? It’s the person you used to be and how everything is different now. As though your soul went to sleep in your usual body and woke up in new one. Surprise!  And what I love about the Death card is Death on horseback. He’s not stuck in heaven or hell or in between. He’s trotting down the lonesome highway, his white horse’s long legs stepping over the shells of fallen. He’s waving the flag, Aries. You should too.

I see seven, Taurus. Seven decisions. Seven options. Seven veils. Seven illusions. Pluck them and open them, one by one, slowly, because if you don’t, you may miss the point. Remember that jack-in-the-box toy? You wind the handle and the red-haired dolly guy pops out of the top? That’s what you must do for all these sevens. Wind it around and POP! Look each of them in the face, right in the eyes. And then, once the clouds have cleared, and you’ve got yourself un-Neptuned, you’ll know which one of these Cups, if any, is for you.

Who is coming to your emotional rescue, Gemini? Someone is 🙂 and he’s dreamy, a dashing Knight, but you knew that already. He inspires you. Or maybe it’s a she. And this isn’t necessarily a love connection, but a new connection made. Or a new bloom on an existing one. After all, Mercury is still retrograde! The past is present. This could be work or a creative project. And Full Moons often signal endings but this offering feels unprecedented to me. This much nectar? All yours? Yes, Gemini. His (or her) cup is full of love for you. Your job is to unbolt your heart.

Bummer, Cancer. So sensitive. And you are under the waves by the looks of it. Okay. I know you love your treats, and I’m thinking of a trifle, that sweet layered monstrosity which has been the downfall of many a Cancer and I see you buried under those layers but the only way out is THROUGH and UP. In the past you would have made yourself sick, but one bite at a time and you can savor the distance. 10 of Wands. Lay your burden down. Rest. Your strength will return.

You were bound and now you are free. You were lost and now you are found. That’s it in a nutshell, Leo. Whatever is leaving your life is cause for some serious rejoicing and thankful prayer (if you are so inclined). Now the part of this that I hope you will not resent is the solitary part. You drew the Fool, not the Hermit, but the Fool is also alone, doggy companion notwithstanding which I read as your soul needing to come out and play… but not yet in the company of others. First, make friends with yourself.

I remember, Virgo, the last card we pulled for you was easier than this one and this one does assure your victory but it still hurts. The Swords bring us wise mind but also conflict. And yes that is a crown I see at the tip of your sword. Can you reach it? For you I pulled an extra card: The Moon. Make your fear your friend. I knew a girl once who was scared of dogs and she wound up working with them. She didn’t give up. Even when she almost got bit. And the dogs taught her true love and acceptance. Yes, I am talking about myself but also about you: you are the dog and the fear and the love.


Stay tuned for Part Two!


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