MoonPluto’s Mother’s Day Blessing

I come from a dark place. And sometimes I like to write about it. If this is a problem for you, then please leave now. I want to speak freely 🙂 If this is your thing? Then welcome home.

The Moon in your horoscope can show you what you got, what you didn’t get, from your mother.

Think about it. Not just the sign and the house but the aspects too. What you needed, what was given, or withheld.

Did you have to fight for love? Who did you have to be to get it?

Did you know the Rising Sign shows some of this too? You were expected to be that person. You put it together. I’m not going to walk you through each sign. That’s research you can do on your own and share in the comments 🙂

Mother moon memory feelings fortune tellers flabbiness fluctuation your personality your wife women wombs the sea owls pearls lunacy kitchens kindness habits change your character (thank you Rex Bills).

I was taking a walk along the Brooklyn avenue and people selling flowers and mugs and other tchatchkes for mothers and grandmothers, hearts and flowers, windy in the Big City, but this post is for the ones with dead mothers neglectful bipolar mothers suicidal homicidal mothers drunk mothers hot and cold. Absent.

I’m glad you made it (is what I wrote on Facebook). I’m glad you made it out alive.

Fucked up moons must create their own mother circuitry, have to learn to mother themselves, and survived despite the odds.

Important to remember: it wasn’t your fault. You didn’t let anyone down. No shame. You were born innocent. You are innocent still.  Yeah, really. You are your mother’s daughter (or son) but you are not her and the ancestral sins of your family of origin need not reproduce in you.

My story? I don’t talk about it much except to say that my mother was a Scorpio and I have a Moon Pluto conjunct in Virgo in my 1st House. Well-aspected all around the chart. Thank the good lord for that. Because I can take what I got and stay sane.

Feel whatever you feel today. Happy, sad, angry, relieved, numb, nothing, peaceful. And if you love your mother, no matter what she did (or didn’t do) it’s okay. And if you hate your mother no matter what she did (or didn’t do) that’s okay too. And if you aren’t sure… okay. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 🙂

Straight from the heart, my friends, from my Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars to you and yours xo

Love, MP

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