MoonPluto’s Micro-Scopes For The Full Moon In Scorpio

"full moon in scorpio"

Aries: The Warrior: 

Slow down for once. This is serious. You will get back on track by paying attention, probing (gently!) and by sharing your feelings (Yup, those prickly touchy feely feelings).

Taurus: The Garden:

Is it you? Or is it them? I think it’s them and that they want you and no one else and that scares you to death. Full Moon in Death of the Old You. 

Gemini: The Two Of You:

Easy, easy. You’ll get it all done and the Full Moon will show you how, show you what’s left to work with. Company’s coming. You won’t be alone.

Cancer: The Mother:

It wasn’t really dead. Just sleeping. Prepare for rebirth. Kundalini cocktail.

Leo: The Royal Housecat:

You look in the mirror and see your mother’s face, body. It’s disconcerting but she has a message for you beyond the physical/resemblance. 

Virgo: The Maid/en:

Worry not when news arrives that is hard to decode. Find a specialist well-versed in birth/rebirth. 

Libra: The Just:

Payment in full is expected and the medium is the message this time. Is it love? Money?  Both? Which one makes you feel secure?

Scorpio: The Phoenix Rising From The Ashes: 

How much truth can you stand? Every last bit, brave Scorpio. You will understand him (or her) better this Full Moon. And yourself too. Within minutes. Brace yourself.

Sagittarius: The Bow And Arrow Flies:

Very practical for the Archer: get extra sleep this weekend. In dreams is where you find The Truth, which has been doggin’ you lately. Finally, you know, and the news is good.

Capricorn: The Climb:

Accept the loss and move on. Or not. But pick one.

Aquarius: The Inventor:

You in the world. You at home. There’s a connection between these two selves that’s about to (how to put it…) explode. But not in a bad way. 

Pisces: The Martyr:

If you’ve been feeling run-down, you’ll find out why. And it’s not for the obvious reason. There’s something (someone) you don’t see clearly. Ever. And the truth is about to come out. 

**Remember to read your Micro-Scope for your Rising *and* your Sun

"full moon in scorpio"

This picture is from last year: my Full Moon in Scorpio face ;)

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