MoonPluto’s Meditation Mini-Course (Part Two)

Here’s a link to the original post about this class.

And here is I was thinking this morning:

That this class, this mere 2-week, simple class is a class in consciousness raising.

Not in the political sense except it may be, it could be, a revolution inside you:

raise awareness around what you think, how you think, how your body feels, what’s happening in your body, what the problem (in your life) actually is. Raise your awareness of Spirit/Source/God in your life.

Using the techniques of:

meditation, breathwork, words from the wise, silence, solitude when possible, and sharing our experiences.

That this class is a dip into your 12th House, with me as your gentle guide/facilitator.

A mini-retreat. Less is more. Space. Simplicity. A class in solitude. How to be alone. Even for 5 minutes a day.

Because the first level of meditation is a solitary experience. You and your mind. But when we join together to discuss, as a group, or when we sit together, we lose that isolation and become one body: head, limbs, blood, everything. Think of the chakras. We need all the chakras. We need them to spin 🙂

Thus I need all of you, all of you who are meant to take this trip with me 🙂

A quote from one of Keats’ letters:

“I melt into the air with a voluptuousness so delicate that I am content to be alone.”


Happy New Moon in Capricorn

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