MoonPluto’s Hurricane Irene Update

"hurricane irene"
Another Irene:

So I’m listening to the radio, for as long as I have power. WOR, which is AM. I discovered this station during 9/11 and it’s my preferred listening for… events like this? Freak weather? And I’m pretty much all set here with my supplies. Now comes the waiting because we’re not expected to get the wind and the rain until tonight which will likely last until tomorrow night. How many freight trains will it sound like? It’s gonna be a long long night. My stomach feels it already.

Here’s a non-Hurricane topic. Yesterday I was texting with a friend and she was talking about her Gemini nature, her “good” side and her “bad” side, which I related to the Jewish mystical idea of the “yetzer hara” and the “yetzer tov” — the good inclination and the evil. The good angel on the shoulder and the bad angel. Who whispers in ย your ear louder?

Now, I’m not, we weren’t, talking about actual evil behavior but… self-sabotage, action that is born of worry and confusion rather than reality, behaving in ways that don’t serve… you or the other. Gemini has this in spades: the twins! And my friend rightly remarked that all the mutables are dual signs. And we made a pact to get in touch with each other when we feel… like the bad angel is whispering LOUDER than usual.

Yesterday, and today still, Mars in Cancer squares Saturn in Libra (even though Mars is pulling away now). And she quoted my blog back to me, which was awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ This is the diamond she said, referring to my post about coughing up a diamond, something valuable, precious, when dealing with difficult natal/transiting squares. The Vomit Cure ๐Ÿ˜‰ But really, doesn’t it make sense? That the solution is inside you? And you need to bring it out?

She found the high side of it. Saturn isย harsh. And in square to Mars? Emotionally painful. And here she was, reaching out, building an emotional (Cancer) fortress (Capricorn) for us both.

And thanks everyone for all the stay safe wishes ๐Ÿ™‚

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