MoonPluto’s Heart Chakra Meditation For The New Moon In Libra

"new moon in libra"
Moon Pluto's Heart Chakra Meditation

It’s not too late. The Moon is STILL in Libra and the New Moon’s affects are not just one day. Think a couple weeks, think about the New Moon leading up to the Full Moon. Think an energy pattern that has a start and a culmination and you will find yourself in different spots along this timeline. Think of it moving. Think of yourself moving. I feel this a lot in charts lately, that I literally see the planets moving along from house to house.

Here’s a cool example as well: I did a reading for someone but then afterwards found out she preferred a different house system (eek sometimes I forget to ask!). Well, the Placidus House transit to me felt like the issue at hand in all its glory. And the Equal House transit was like.. what’s gonna happen, practical application. It was fucking fascinating!

But back to our Heart Chakra Meditation, Moon Pluto style

But first: a story!

When you give someone your heart (the cliche goes), they hold it in the palm of their hand. So what do you do then? If someone gives you their heart? Do you make a fist? Nooooo. Do you let it sit there and watch it beating? A small shivering animal. Well, maybe. Some might. Or you could stroke it with one delicate finger. How does it feel? There there now. Touch it. Go around the heart. How does it feel to touch a human heart? Any surgeons reading this?

Feel your heart in your body. Use your imaginative forces, as Edgar Cayce talked about.

Libra Season was ushered in by the Libra Sun opposing Uranus in Aries. I’d be shocked (Uranus) if there wasn’t something shocking in your life the last few days, especially around relationships. Shocking thoughts even, a revolution in your mind. A reversal. A series of reversals. All of it faster than you could understand.

Under the light of the Libra Moon I ask you to meditate on your heart. And to calm the fuck down. Physical heart, metaphorical heart. See it outside your body, in the palm of your hand. Or see it in his hand, or her hand.  Kiss it. Watch it beat itself to life. And then put it. Back. In.

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