MoonPluto’s Grimoire For Good Health (The Stars This Weekend)

"jupiter trine pluto" I’m writing this blog post *before* Mercury goes direct. It goes direct in a few minutes. It will go direct as I finish writing and post this.


Venus in Virgo now. We’re done with the long long long summertime Venus in Leo transit. Moon in Virgo too. Moon will conjoin Jupiter and trine Pluto today. This feels good to me even though I know Virgo can be too tight. Moon Jupiter is joyous. Moon trine Pluto is less emotional than the conjunction (hi!), not that emotional is a bad thing, not in my galaxy. Venus square Saturn tomorrow. Sunday: Jupiter trine Pluto and Sun opposes Uranus.

Venus square Saturn: obstacle. Delay. Wait. Hanged Man. But you can choose how you wait.
Jupiter trine Pluto: excellent moment for magickal workings. 7:51 pm in the Big City.
Sun opposition Uranus: this one feels more jarring to me of course, intrusive. So how to work with this? Is it possible? Sun comes to illuminate, make clear to you, the ways in which you seek to blow up your life.

"Saturn square neptune"I am feeling better. Was taken down by a cold virus yesterday. I’m feeling better but my heart hurts. Just a little. Not trauma level, not emergent, but it’s there. It will help me do my work today (my heart is my scrub nurse while I do psychic surgery – yes, the body parts as helping spirits), not that I seek it out but when I hurt, I increase in empathy for others and I slow down. Fresh wound although this one is starting to stink a little. And then I look at the cat yawning, her cute little fierce teeth and I’m delighted again.

Monday is the New Moon in Libra, 19 degrees. Sun-Moon in Libra oppose Uranus in Aries and aspecting WHAT in your chart?

On the one hand, I smell relationship hurdles here BUT I’m also intuiting Uranus as Good Angel. Uranus is the “higher octave” of Mercury the Messenger. Angels are messengers of the Holy One. This New Moon has a message for you about your Libra life, your 7th House, your impossible rules. Uranus is rigid in its eccentricity but hold on to this Good Angel. Uranus is brilliant and bright.

Yeah, Stephen, I think I better draw a card. I know Matt wants me to draw one too. I don’t know why I’m channeling them in particular. It happens sometimes! But this card is for all…

What you need to know about this New Moon: 

hebrewThe Hierophant! Mr (or Miss) Conventional. I need to draw more. Hierophant is like Emperor — rules, but also knowledge, teachers, established values, the need to conform. Perhaps you have someone in your life like this. You want to exist outside these rules and lines and but they keep giving you rules and lines. Which could be ANYTHING. Bottom line is that they are not your rules and lines. But remember I was talking about Uranus as Good Angel? Into the rules and lines comes a jolt, a bolt! Let’s draw more. Ace of Wands + Eight of Pentacles. Well, that Ace is surely the jolt bolt of courage and faith but then the voluptuous Eight: MAKING AN EFFORT!

Focus on your New Moon intention – what you want to grow in your Libra House. Remember the Nodes will be moving on in November. It’s going to be easier across that me/we axis.

Oh. I just had an intuitive flash. That Sun Uranus opposition. It’s going to shock me (and you?) and not necessarily in a bad way. In a good way. I feel it.


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