MoonPluto’s Gloomy Weekend Forecast

The goal this weekend is to stay alive under less than charming skies.

As I type this, Saturday’s exact aspects have passed and we are under what is on offer for Sunday.

And I don’t like it much.

So my advice is to wait until Monday to… have that talk or organize your taxes (yes I am doing mine next week).

If it can wait, let it wait. The energy we are under is both intensely emotional (possibly sad) and also Saturnianly unsympathetic. Mercury conjunct Chiron in Pisces is you reliving the love affairs that didn’t work out, which fits far too nicely into Venus square Saturn’s love ain’t happening EVER gloomy mindset.

Feels like OUCH getting poked in the eye. And the heart. Guard your heart instead. Surround yourself with light love puppies and kittens and cookies or whatever visual will help. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

Mars square Jupiter is the least of my worries but I think it may make you irritable, looking for solutions when you should just… alternate between some busy-work and napping.

And then there’s the New Moon in Aquarius squaring the Nodes of Fate. In an earlier post, I was talking about the promise of this New Moon despite… everything else. And I still suggest this. Look to that house and those aspects in your natal because there (and in the opposing sign, Leo) is your elixir. And it may be more the idea of an elixir than the elixir itself at this time, but so be it! Drink up!

Must be all this Pisces as I’ve just advised smoking and drinking in one blog post 😉

Little Poem for Saturday later today. Stay tuned!


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