MoonPluto’s Gloomy Weekend Forecast (Part Two)

If you hate where you are, if you curse where you are, you will remain there.

You must begin to LOVE where you are. Love your sickness, your fear, your isolation, uncertainty. This is a risk. But only then are you allowed to leave it, to “level up” a phrase a buddy of mine said the other day.

This weekend, as I was just writing, is not the time to… finish or discover new worlds but the New Moon itself is a little light for you, no matter how dark you’re feeling now.

I was looking at a client chart the other day. Pluto on her Sun. I even said to her. I don’t need to explain Pluto on your Sun to you (unless you want me to!) because you’re living it. You KNOW what this is. So let’s look at what else is happening right now, the faster energies, the opportunities that still exist and want your attention despite (because of?) the Pluto deathmarch.


One card for a little more light: Funny. The Moon.

I don’t see the Moon all that much when I draw for myself or even for others. The interpretations are often dark: suspicion, paranoia even. Bad dreams. Deception. The unconscious. But the Moon can also signal changing moods or a “bad day” (or night). No need to be afraid of however you feel right now. And perfect for the Pisces weather we are under. Imagination, intuition, reflection. Sister card to the High Priestess. One other notable detail: the Moon is associated with Diana who was not only a Moon Goddess but Goddess of the Hunt. So even though the Moon requests your reflection, she is also in pursuit, whether through the woods or through dreams.

And of course the number 18 (the number on the Tarot card) is “Chai” in Hebrew. Life. The Moon is associated with women’s cycles and fertility and what is the imagination if not fertile ground waiting for the New Moon seed.

Practically speaking, seeing this card may just mean you are feeling a little more emotional than usual 🙂

What do you notice about your chart right now? 

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