MoonPlutoLand’s Private Forum: Join Us! (Part One)

"saturn in scorpio" MoonPluto’s School for Magic and Healing: my virtual classroom.

The first MoonPlutoLand experience was a 30 day drop-in astrology class. Any and all topics were welcome and it was INTENSE. That class morphed into a Private Forum (message board) with many of the same people and this Private Forum is on-going, at least for the next three months. And then we’ll decide whether or not to continue.

The new session starts in a few days. I check in with people towards the end of the 30 days to see who’s interested in continuing.

We also had another class going on, Your Life As A Work Of Art, paying attention to the 5th House and the Nodes, and doing various exercises and homework to get folks working on their manifestation skills and self-inquiry. Lots of Tarot in that class too.

I know I won’t do another class-class in October but possibly in early November. You are welcome to make topic suggestions. I would love to host a meditation intensive if enough people were interested.


So this is an invitation:

if you are interested in joining the Private Forum, send me an email. There is a small fee. It’s not a class. I’m not “teaching” in there per se, but I’m the moderator and I start threads along with everyone else, and generally hang out 🙂

We talk Astrology, Tarot, relationships, healing, magic, meditation, all manner of metaphysical subject matter, the current sky. Everyone is nice and smart and interesting. Various levels of knowledge. And then sometimes we just talk movies 🙂

Honestly, I am picky about who I let in there. I give first priority to folks that I know from the blog or from readings. Cancer Sun, Mercury, Mars: I’m kinda clannish, definitely protective. But it’s a sweet group.

What the space is *not* 

-it’s not a place to expect free readings from me or from anyone although it’s okay to post charts in there and folks sometimes share their wisdom (even me!)

-it’s not a marketplace, not a place to sell readings (if you also do them)


If you have questions or are interested, please email me at moonpluto@gmail

I’m going to post some Testimonials next from peeps in the room 🙂


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