MoonPluto Tarot: Death Carries A Banner

"sun pluto opposition" So I keep seeing the Death card but not how I usually see it.

I saw it a ton before a relationship imploded. I see it for those deep hard grievous endings and in-process revolutions. But LATELY I am seeing it in the context of… JOB CHANGE! New jobs!

Okay. Job Change IS a big deal but DEATH???? What are we leaving behind?

Exactly 🙂

I believe this card is telling us that… the changes that are coming are of the… Death variety okay okay okay but why not a lighter card to show this? Well because of what I just said. There is some far reaching end of cycle action going on here. Burial + Moving Forward. Don’t forget to water your horses. This isn’t about more money although that’s probably part of it too. This is about YOUR LIFE. Big picture. Full Moon in Sagittarius coming. That’s part of it also. What stories do you tell yourself (and others) about your life? The structures of your life are changing.

I saw this card for one gal interviewing for a job and I saw it for myself and for her I also felt the context of her hiring did have to do with someone passing away or leaving after a very long time or for a significant reason. There was a rite of passage.

Eden Gray meanings which really fit what I’m talking about here: birth of new ideas, new opportunities.

The card itself though is just so heavy I wish Tarot would show us in a lighter brighter way and YET this is how Tarot wisdom is choosing to come through — so that we PAY ATTENTION. ATTENTION! No way you can see Death (or Tower, etc) and remain blasé. Maybe we’d remain blasé if it was “just” Minor Arcana, even a good Minor Arcana. It’s like soft aspect versus hard aspect in astrology. We can’t help but notice and get swept along by squares and oppositions. Fight against them. Whereas we may take for granted that Sun Saturn trine we’re under.

Destruction followed by Renewal writes Gray. Death carries a banner writes Gray.

Are you seeing this card? What does your banner show? 

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