MoonPluto On The Road

Yours truly MoonPluto is not a frequent flyer. And that is one way to read a natal Saturn (fear) in the 9th House (travel). Although with such a placement, one could make a profession of it. Travel for work. And when I was younger I was always leaving. Lots of Greyhound bus trips in my past.

Next month, unless I change my mind (always an option says mood-ruled Cancer) I am going on a little trip and when I tell myself, when I give myself the option, that I don’t have to go, I realize it’s one of those “good for me” experiences.

I did a wee bit of astrological timing for this trip but I also wanted to leave some of it up to fate. I am traveling after Mercury retrograde but still in the shadow period. I’m traveling between the New and Full Moon, between the new seed and the revelation. The most important bit of timing though was to avoid my period as well as PMS 🙂 (Please Goddess keep my cycle regular because I would prefer this adventure to be blood and crazy free. Thanks.)

And then I looked at the chart. After I bought the plane ticket. The fast moving planets will be in my 7th and 8th Houses (dealings with others), with Mars in confident forceful Aries awfully close to my natal 8th House Chiron. Chiron = what you don’t want to share with others. 8th House = sharing with others. Hmm.

Now the point of this trip is to “get out of dodge” as a Pisces friend of mine said to me the other day, as well as reconnect with an old friend but I am realizing the 8th House emphasis means I will not leave Way Out West unchanged. I’ll be thrust into my friend’s world, daily life, work, his kids, who he is now, after 24 years. I will cringe when he takes out the Yearbook.

I will *need* to blog this journey, bringing you the sights, sounds, smells of my temporary home 🙂

Do you consult the stars when making plans? 


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