MoonPluto on Blog Talk Radio?

"keith carradine"
I love this movie!

This morning on Twitter I asked if anyone would listen if I started a radio show and right away a couple of friendly folks on there gave me support. It’s something I’ve been considering for a few months now and just been sitting on the idea, besides that I probably need a new computer. Mine has too many problems, including freezing whenever it wants.

I’ve had trouble figuring out the foundation for the show but while Tweeting, it got a bit more clear. I do think I’d like to interview people. I love to ask questions. And I’m interested not in pro-opinions, but more the man or woman-on-the-street. To talk to them about astrology, their own charts, spiritual matters. And then also possibly look at charts and take listener-calls (maybe) but only on the topic of love/romance.

So that would be my focus as far as charts go, but in terms of guests… the only foundation would be a spiritual foundation and from there we could spin-out…

I am a big Joey Reynolds fan, late night radio king. I love the feel of his show; it has an old-time radio feel to me (and by “old-time” I mean the 1970s LoL). He tends to pontificate but also has great interviews. I also love the movie Choose Me which centers around a love-advice psychologist.

I love that middle-of-the-night-feeling even though I probably wouldn’t do a middle-of-the-night show. But you know what I mean? That quiet intimacy when all you have is THE VOICE.

Yeah, I’m thinking about this for real now but will keep it in the dream-stage with Mercury Rx opposing Neptune Rx. And really do need a new computer probably. But this dreaming feels good, feels real.

So tell me, would you listen to my Blog Talk Radio show?

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