MoonPluto Meditation Retreat: Attention! Mars Crossing!

"mars in cancer"
Donald Sutherland has Mars in Cancer!


This Sky

Mars in Cancer is currently at 2 degrees. Uranus is at 4 degrees Aries (retrograde). Pluto is at 5 degrees Capricorn (retrograde). Not even going to mention Saturn yet. Let’s just start here. We’ve got a square and an opposition and you need to look in your own chart for planets at these early degrees and what aspects are made to your natal.


Sit Still

But MoonPluto what about this meditation retreat? Hold on, I’m getting to that. See how impatient you are? You really DO need to sit still. And so do I πŸ™‚

The other day, on the subway (was it yesterday?) I was thinking about ways to deal with transiting Mars entering this Cardinal combat zone when it hit me that what I needed to do was the T-word. Transform. Transmute. The energy. Like a magician. And that’s what I suggest you do as well. And isn’t that a Pluto word? Transformation? It is, it is. And since Mars in Cancer is a Mars that cooks? Well, transformation is a given. Think about it. When you put the butter in the pan and turn up the fire, the butter changes. You made it change. You are the fire. Sun is in Leo!

I’d been feeling this t-squarey, grand crossy energy in my body although weird stuff has been happening outside me as well, Marsy stuff, man stuff: fights, strong emotions, misunderstandings, weird business things. Remember, Mercury is also retrograde, still in the early days.


Order Up!

I was searching my mind for solutions and I thought, well, I can either take it out ON me or IN me or OUTSIDE me and what is the least destructive method but also the most satisfying to Mars, Uranus, and Pluto. If only there were a cosmic restaurant we could go to and order up just the right concoction and maybe we can, if we try, if we think about it.

Too much Mars energy can make me want to nap, make me want to stuff it , but stuffing the energy leads to listlessness, depression.

And doing something overly Mars, overly yang, could lead to an accident. I haven’t been jogging in ages. I’m not going to start again under THIS sky.

So what’s needed is the perfect measure of active and passive, yin and yang, give and receive. Must do something but not anything.


An Invitation

I decided that the first thing I’m going to do is sit still. And maybe that sounds nuts considering we’re dealing with cranky outer planets and Mars, but I felt certain this was the first step towards the t-words: t-square, t-form, t-mute. And I invite you all to sit still with me this weekend. Now it’s already Saturday afternoon in the big city (didn’t get a chance to post this sooner) but something like this doesn’t have an expiration date.

Consider this your first MoonPluto meditation retreat. Try sitting for at least 5 minutes. Try 10 if you can. Once a day. Twice if possible. Try this Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Check-in in the comments and tell me, tell us, how it’s going, how you’re doing, what you’re up to. If you even feel the energy at all. Maybe you don’t. Everybody’s different.I love it when people comment, especially when they talk to each other πŸ™‚ But mainly I want you to… check in with your yourself. And ask yourself what you need to do.

I know there are other options, other solutions. I know if I had an axe, I would have chopped something to bitsΒ  yesterday, that’s how rangly I felt. (I think I just invented a word? Rangly? Kinda like jangly and rankled with a side of heavy metal.)

But try it, okay? And let us know how it goes.

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