MoonPluto In The Desert

So I was writing on Facebook: had my Moon in Cancer mood swing melt down and now I can take my trip 🙂

I was feeling that natal Saturn (fear) of mine in the 9th House (travel) absolutely but then my Scorpio friend called me and told me all the fun things we would do when he gets home from work and I cheered up 🙂 he chased my Saturn away.

He doesn’t drink much and neither do I but this Virgo Moon may have a cocktail. Just one, please.

We haven’t seen each other in… 24 years. High school friends.

See, where your Saturn is… frightens you. Chastizes you. Shames you. But go there you must.

I have to go to my 9th House which is Sagittarius which is Jupiter which is… feel the fear (Saturn) and do it anyway (Jupiter).

Where’s your Saturn? 

During the days, I’ll still be working (while he is) so if you were planning on getting a Reading from me and were worried about interrupting my vacation, please no worries. Virgo Rising loves her routine. I’ll be around with my cards and charts and happy to be somewhere new. New perspective, 9th House.

You’re going to be in the desert, he said. Everything is dead here.

Great, I said. I’ll love it.


Do you have plans for the Sun entering Aries? 

Love, MP


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