MoonPluto at the Theatre

"moon pluto"
Manhattan Theatre Source

Some of you know that I’m a playwright. Or I was a playwright. Couldn’t figure out if I was going to continue (long story). I did decide to take a break though… and I haven’t been working on plays or even going to the theatre at all…

But I do have a reading scheduled for early December at Manhattan Theatre Source, as part of their Writers’ Forum New Play Reading Series  so this is a commercial of sorts. Tri-state people, you can email me for more details if interested, and I’ll probably tweet about it too.

It came up today because the man I want to direct has agreed and the email he sent me made me so happy. He said, “Aliza, this play makes me weep.” And I responded: that was the best feedback you could have given me 🙂

Now the play has nothing at all to do with astrology but it is MoonPlutoesque, emotionally intense. It’s a love story. Between brother and sister. Hmm. Too reductive.  I don’t know how to describe it at the moment. Come see it and you tell me.

I was almost gonna cancel. But now I’m not. Now… I’m even looking forward to it. And maybe, just maybe, it will have a life after the reading. Playwrights want their work staged! Full productions. But this is the first step.

Today I am happy to be alive.

PS And for you folks following the Wall Street protest, I may meet my director near Wall Street tomorrow so hopefully some blogging to come about that. Perhaps not the astrology so much. But the ENERGY. How it feels in downtown Manhattan at this historical moment 🙂 Sound good?

Contact Me to talk about the theatre. And your chart!

And I definitely have time over the weekend to do more Full Moon in Aries Mini-Moon Readings: 15 minutes, $25, email only.

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