MoonPluto At The Movies: On A Scale From 1 to 5

"Jane Campion"
MoonPluto at the Movies!

In the comments, a reader mentioned liking my Jane Campion post and my MoonPluto scale for evaluating movies which made me think that I should develop one πŸ™‚ I actually had a little one and can’t remember if I edited it out.

Movies that Moon Pluto People enjoy are oftenΒ  1) emotionally intense 2) dramatic 3) not necessarily tragic 4) good character development! 5) have excellent writing:)

I tend to enjoy drug movies, as I wrote about once before (addictions yay!)Β  and marriages-falling-apart movies. I especially like marriages-falling-apart movies or any kind of relationship drama. I like to watch actors emote. That’s their job, way more than… chasing after buses on fire, for example. I love poetic, philosophical movies. Subtitles don’t bother me. In fact, I like them too! I like to hear other languages. And I love silence in movies. Hate being overwhelmed by soundtracks although well-placed songs are a real treat.

I don’t like sex in movies (I feel embarrassed for the female actors) but I do like sexual themes and some violence, passion, but not sexual violence/rape. There are other criteria but… these are the first things that sprang to mind!

So In The Cut definitely got a 5 from me: the gorgeous directing, the strong and interesting women, the um charismatic male lead (ha ha), the intriguing oral sex scene at the beginning (forgot to mention that before), and the fact that our protagonist is a college English teacher, obsessed with poetry. Yeah, Jane Campion is a Taurus.

Now, I rarely see new movies. I’m a Netflix girl and follow my mood. Last night was a Doors documentary and tonight is Pink Floyd documentary and sometimes I’ll go weeks without watching anything at all.

What’s the astrology? Maybe none πŸ™‚ Just wanted to keep the conversation going.

Seen any good movies lately?

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