MoonPluto At The Movies: Like Water For Chocolate

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Virgo/Taurus couple? What do you think?

Last night I watched Like Water For Chocolate and I remembered seeing it in the theatre when it first came out. People love this movie.

I didn’t like it all that much back in the early 90s and last night enjoyed it a hell of a lot more. Not sure why. Why would getting older make me appreciate this one? And, yes, I do admit that I wanted Tita to wind up with the Virgoish doctor instead of her first love, earthy (Taurean?) Pedro.

On the MoonPluto Movie Scale, well, it’s not really a MoonPluto movie. It’s lighter than that. And yet dark, in a different way. Perhaps it’s more a Saturn-Neptune movie. What do you think? The crushing relationship that Tita has with her mother feels very Saturn to me, cold, and there’s all that dreamy magic realism. Neptune? Moon-Neptune?

Now, this is another sensual movie, like Jane Campion’s In The Cut, but it’s more broadly, typically sensual and about a family, family tradition, love thwarted, sacrifice. Defnitely Cancerian and Piscean themes..

Remember the food-movie trend? Was that in the 90s too? Babette’s Feast, Big Night… I know there were more and the titles aren’t coming to mind. Tampopo was another one.

Do you like food movies? What’s your movie-rating scale?

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