Moon Trine Saturn: You Have The Support You Need

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stay or go

Sometimes it doesn’t matter why: ¬†you just have to keep going.

Listen to your gut.

That’s my old-timey metaphor for listen to what your inner voice/higher self is telling you. And maybe it’s not a voice. Maybe it’s a feeling and maybe it’s not a feeling. Maybe it’s a thought. Maybe it’s words or not words. Maybe it’s just an answer but it comes quick and you know.

Intuition. Knowing.

And sometimes it doesn’t matter why. And sometimes the goal is not clear. And sometimes it’s undetermined. And sometimes there is no answer. But it’s like the other day I told my roommate (click here) she just had to keep going with her blog even though she felt helpless and stupid and self-critical and why bother and every negative thought was crowding around her like a mob.

Everything is always a stepping stone, okay? But we can’t always see to WHAT, to WHERE. We can’t.

So you ask someone. Ask me, ask someone else, just ask SOMEONE. Ask them: should I continue.

I am feeling this in my own life. Actually, there are some things where my feeling is NOT to keep going and I have to take the loss there and find the meaning and I don’t like that, but we always have both: the stuff we leave and the stuff we keep. And then the move forward because we are alive. And there is pain, there is always pain.

Last night I was working with a client who has a lot of Scorpio and Pluto in their chart and their life felt “normal” to me but I had a feeling that it didn’t feel normal to them i.e. that they were not used to someone not turning away. I come from a place of trauma and death (1st House Moon Pluto ya know?) so I can sit with your stuff.

The Moon in Gemini trines Saturn in Libra today. Moon Saturn aspects can bring no small amount of gloom but with the trine? You are supported. By Saturn!

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