Moon Trine Pluto: Master Your Emotions

Great comments on the blog today. Thanks for that ­čÖé

I am obsessed with Venus Neptune because I AM Venus Neptune. And not that I wish those problems on anyone but… I think it’s good to share, good to talk, attempt clarity.

And speaking of clarity, the Moon is now in Virgo! Opposing Neptune (so much for clarity).

Tomorrow she squares Jupiter, trines Pluto, sextiles Saturn. You know what? I like this day. It’s preparation for Sun square Saturn and for Jupiter going direct so there’s this… pent up energy and only some of it will release on Wednesday. The rest of it will keep holding its breath (due to the nature of the square. We need the aspect to separate and then we exhale).

But Tuesday? Tuesday is sweet despite it all. What can you do to enjoy this day? Moon in Virgo always wants to clean up. Square Jupiter she’ll feel more than she wants to feel but the trine to Pluto will help her master it and then the sextile to Saturn will make it practical. Moon in Virgo wants her feelings to be put to good use!

Blog nuts and bolts: have you noticed the new little message thingie in the middle of my homepage? I need to update it already. It’s there to let you know when I’m home, around, and available for calls (or emails) in the moment! So if you do find yourself needing to talk, check the homepage for the status!

Happy Moon in Virgo ­čÖé


P.S. That’s Keith Richards, Sagittarius Sun & Virgo Moon

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