Moon Square Saturn, True Blood, And The Download

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I’ve been watching True Blood and really enjoying it (Season Two) and waiting for my next discs to arrive in the mail.

And it was a Vampy metaphor that came to mind today when I was thinking about the 2-hour Astrology Lesson I gave yesterday.

This is what I typed in draft form in my (still hard to use) phone “Drain the energy like blood i.e. clear the energy out.”

See, this is why I don’t read books on the train lately. When I do a lot of readings or like yesterday, meet 1:1 with a person, I’m downloading their stuff (during the reading) and then the next part of the process, at some point, is to clear their stuff. Drain it out. Like the Vampire drains the lifeforce from um someone.

Yes yes yes yes I know it’s a repulsive metaphor…

But listen: your stuff is precious stuff. But the thing is this, peeps who do readings: they pick up your stuff and then they need to put your stuff down. It’s a little like… stepping into someone’s body and walking around in there. And to use another True Blood reference, last night I was trying to figure out if I was reading her thoughts at certain points or if those things I was thinking were my own thoughts! I wasn’t quite sure. Maybe a little of both. All I know is this process (Virgo) fascinates (Pluto) me endlessly (Pluto).

My Moon Pluto conjunction acts as a receiver, tuning in. And of course there are other chart configurations or placements that can receive like this. A stacked 8th house for example.

Everyone’s got their psychic sense or instinct somewhere in their chart. The difference is in how it manifests and when, and if they choose to work with it, direct it, strengthen it, etc.

Moon still in Cancer, by the way, heading to square Saturn — so if you feel gloomy at all, know that it’ll pass (the Moon moves fast) and that sticking close to home may make you feel better, more secure.

By the way, if you have Moon square Saturn in your natal, you will be feeling this transit more intensely than most so, again, hug your teddy bear and know that Moon in Leo is coming, baby!

Do you “pick things up”? Share your process here!

Note to self: no, you’re not weird at all for comparing your process to True Blood oh no not at allΒ 


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