Moon Saturn, Moon Chiron, And One More Use For Venus Retrograde In Gemini

"moon conjunct chiron"

With Saturn conjunct the Moon, Saturn will depress the feelings, squash them, but also what’s happening is that Saturn is hiding the sensitivity of the Moon, vulnerability. Hiding it from the person him/herself. And from everyone else.  Self-protection through Saturn. Creating a limit around how safe it is (or isn’t) to feel.

Saturn is wisdom from others or inner wisdom and with Saturn Moon, the inner wisdom is probably hard to bear because any aspect to our Moon is… baby-knowledge, what we learned when we were barely alive.

Find Saturn in your natal chart. You are wise there. Whether you realize it or not. Find Saturn in your transit chart. You are becoming wise there.


Any hard aspect to our Moon is a hard aspect to mother, to mothering, to childhood, to feeling safe, to feeling in general.

Pluto on my Moon makes my feelings intense, makes me hook into others and them into me (both Moon and Pluto represent the masses, or the public) but also includes a promise, an injunction: to transform (Pluto) my emotional nature (Moon).


I’ve lost count how many Chiron Moon people I’ve come into contact with lately. If Moon is mother and Chiron is what cannot be healed, then… what the hell? What does one do with such an aspect? The ideal (or my ideal anyway) is that eventually Chiron Moon people can stop the bleeding long enough so that they can learn to help others. Not in self-depleting ways but measured. Chiron Moon has so much pain though, it may or may not be possible. Don’t use your inability to rise above it all to berate yourself. It only drives the nail further in.

But ultimately, at some point, you must stop crying, (or at least take breaks) and the tears may not even be visible, noticeable, to you. But they’re there. Stop crying so you can *do* something else with your Chiron. You can’t replace the past. You can’t grow back a limb that is gone. But you can light the way for others. Your Moon is always a light for others — because it contains the nurturing seed which you must do for yourself always, whether your mother is alive, dead, missing, uncaring, crazy, self-involved, whatever the situation is.

Small consolation maybe but… what are your options?


Venus is in Gemini, retrograde. Options. Too many? Apply this to your healing, to your lifelong process of getting well. It hurts to hurt others but we do it anyway. Let Venus in Gemini show you new and interesting and CURIOUS ways to get better and to stop hurting others and ourselves. Not perfectly (Gemini squares Virgo) but better.

And don’t forget the LOVE part. We’re talking Venus, remember?

Love, MP

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