Moon Pluto, Sun Pluto

"moon pluto conjunction"

“I am the happy genius of my household”

–William Carlos Williams

What are you like at home? How’s your Moon aspected?

I talk a lot about my Moon, 🙂 being a Cancer Sun with an afflicted (Pluto conjunct) Moon.

I was telling someone this morning: my Pluto doesn’t mind the Moon there but the Moon minds! My Virgo Moon wants more peace and order and less Pluto dramarama.

But otherwise, she’s mad sextiled, all around the chart. And a trine. Gotta love those trines. Even when it’s a (sigh) Saturn trine.

I took a break and am heading back to work now (readings to finish) and I came home and had that line from Williams in my head. It shows up from time to time. Google it. You’ll find the entire poem.

Some say that Moon Pluto is a tyrant at home.

Moon = home.  Pluto = tyrant.

But we can spin it other ways. Pluto also rules holy places, new beginnings (hello New Moon!), life after death…

When Pluto touches your personal planets, especially Sun or Moon, your survival itself brings crisis (to you) but you’re familiar with the phrase “healing crisis,” right?

Are you the happy genius of your household?


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