Moon Pluto People: Psychic or Not

When I think of “psychic,” I think of people who can tell you where your keys are when you lose them 🙂 But I know it’s more than that. It’s a continuum. For example, when you meet with an astrologer or Tarot reader, etc and they venture away from the chart or the cards and seemingly pull stuff out of the air when they are “just talking” and the stuff is just so right-on. Something about that word “psychic”… has an inherent pressure to it. Like the psychic is a performer more than a helper. I get it though – people want answers. I want answers. Long, hard transits can make for a thorny landscape. Knowing that relief is on the way is medicine, is… relief.

This stuff is on my mind because I am thinking about Moon Pluto aspects this morning and something Anne Ortelee said to me once during a reading, that doing this kind of work (astrology, charts) was GOOD for my Moon Pluto conjunction. Not just good, but needed. And not just to exercise the muscle but… almost a health matter. An outlet.

I think we are always dependent on others to see us clearly, even our natal charts which we think we know so well, which we think explain us so well. But maybe there’s something missing in the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.

Are Moon Pluto people psychic? What about 12th House people? Ever know someone with a ton of fire in their chart who gets flashes of insight and blurts them out and they’re true? Some people believe that EVERYONE is psychic and/or can develop it. I’m not sure if I believe it though. Not everyone can be a mediocre singer, for example. There has to be *some* aptitude.

I don’t think of myself as psychic but during yesterday’s reading, I was looking at my notes and it felt like they were talking to me. Not talking in words but vying for my attention. Like my mind would wander over the page and certain things would leap at me strongly, loudly. I never thought of it as anything more than the way my mind works.

Note to self: good morning Taurus stellium

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