Moon Pluto People In Relationship (Part ???)

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Taken by Pluto...

Opal in the comments inspired this post. She was talking about my Synastry blog post this morning that was talking about how some people, more sensitive ones, will get exhausted by too many hard aspects in synastry and a more detatched type may have more stamina for this. Read the whole post here.

This leads me to a greater point, which I may or may not have written about before. That dramatic, emotionally intense types may do better (in relationship) with more intellectual, detatched types. I think, often, there can only be one OF THOSE in a relationship i.e. one MoonPluto type (or whatever your type happens to be). Now, the other person can be any other type, any other challenge, but it has to be DIFFERENT than yours.

And this also could be why relatiosnhips with Scorpios never ever worked for me. I’m too dark and they need to be the dark one. Or maybe I’m too loony and light when I’m not being dark 🙂

This is why some squares or other tough aspects in synastry ARE good. They show the difference, the differences that can be helpful!

Sometimes I’ll get all wound up and tell a certain someone, “You know this about me, you knew this!” And he’ll agree and say yes that he knew it and it didn’t scare him. It washes off. Moon Pluto People are always afraid their emotions will kill. But the right people for you don’t even blink an eye. Or they blink an eye and smile. And YOU must learn to do the same for them, whatever their thing is. When someone is spinning and spinning and spinning, no matter the emotion, whether it’s fear or rage or anxiety or… whatever it is… it is truly important to learn how to… help them let some light in there, help them de-intensify it, while at the same time conveying your deep caring and love. It’s an art, it’s a fucking art that is worth creating!

BUT, MoonPluto people, how do you maintain your MoonPluto-ness without driving yourself or others crazy. How to be the creature that you are, but not neurotically? This takes self-awareness, takes work, takes patience. And yeah, I’ve written about this before. Check the categories and tags if you want to read more on this. You can also Contact Me to talk about your chart!

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