Moon Pluto People In Relationship (Part @#%*!)

"moon pluto conjunction"
Bette Davis and her eyes had a Moon Pluto conjunction

I was deleting old messages from my phone and found this. It’s possible I’ve already, um, posted this but some things bear repeating. Whether this is one of those things, I’m not sure 😉

More about Moon Pluto People in relationship: I used to project my Emotional Intensity. I used to think IT was the other person “doing something to me” or the relationship that was… making me feeeeeeeeel things.

BUT then I realized that it was me and that I carried IT wherever I went. The way your body carries you. These feelings are mine. And it does feel like a well, how far down it goes: life-sustaining water. This realization gave me comfort.

So I give you this thought as something to meditate on, to relate to your own life. Think about what’s YOURS that you give to others, give away to others, but is inside you. And what would happen if you… knew this? Is it about ownership? Owning your power. Sounds like of self-helpy but hey I’m a self-helpy kind of gal.

And my Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo is in the 1st House, NOT EVEN in the 7th, which is so often what we “project.” But as I’ve written before, I see that 1st House energy as literally shooting over to the 7th, unimpeded, unstoppable, unrelentless, unnerving whatever dude I’ve got my hooks in! Nothing stands in its way.

And when seeking a relationship it is wise to match the spirit of your emotions. As I wrote earlier today, Moon Pluto People often feel that their feelings kill. They learned early on that they will be… left? Ignored? if they let it out. So they stuff it. And when they stuff it, it comes out in the wrong ways at the wrong times. Or, conversely, they leak all over, in the wrong ways at the wrong times. What’s essential is the bloodletting, always having a release for the storms that build up inside.

But wait, Moon Pluto, before you were talking about the strength of squares and and and and and and and and choosing someone different than you! Do you contradict?

Not exactly. You need someone who GETS you. Handles you. Loves you for you. But doesn’t need to BE you. And couldn’t be you anyway, even if they tried 🙂

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