Moon Pluto People: Hard To Kill

"Moon pluto conjunction"
Catherine Deneuve : Moon conjunct Pluto

I was chatting with Leora from Astrolome and she asked me how I knew when to follow my emotions or when to follow my chart. I thought it was a great question.

As a water sign, Cancer, of course I’m going to say never deny your emotions. And, actually, never deny your element. Are you fire? You will be inspired. Are you Air? You need to think. Are you earth? Step outside. And water feels, water needs to feel.

But if I followed my emotions, my moods, 100% of the time? I’d be dead. I’d have walked in front of that speeding #4 train long ago instead of sitting here, writing you now.

Feelings change, moods pass. We grow. See, I’ve been there. I’ve been in that dark place.

So, my answer is: BOTH. Listen to your emotions and to your chart. And they may be telling you the same thing. But not always.

I believe with all my heart in following the trajectory of the North Node and in following your trines and figuring out your squares so they heal and not hurt and tweaking your sextiles to let the good in and your oppositions? Well, how do you win friends and influence people? That’s the lesson of the opposition: the other.

Study astrology for self-empowerment. Self-mastery. Study astrology so you can live your best life, as Oprah says. Ever seen Oprah’s chart? Take a look some time.

Another thing though besides emotion and besides the chart, but related to both but its own entity is instinct, which is probably a combination of emotions and chart and raw guidance, spirit guidance, which really is YOU, your higher self. Your higher self on steroids 😉

What do you do? Where do you find guidance? 

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