Moon Pluto People: Birth

"venus in cancer"I listen to certain songs to get me going, to inspire me, to make me feel that… Moon Pluto thing. Emotional intensity. It feels good.

I was on a phone call with someone today, another writer, and he said that people really respond to his writing when he’s angry. I thought about that. And I thought how I don’t write when I’m angry and I said when I’m sad. That’s when people like it. 

And then I thought, no. Not sad. And he said morose? I said, no that’s not it either.

The art I love the most, the movies and songs I love the most, give me this feeling and then I try to return it to the world.

Moon Pluto I said. That’s the only way I know how to describe it. When I feel Moon Pluto. 

The first class hasn’t even begun yet and already I’ve been fantasizing about the second class. I want it to be an intensive on creativity and the creative process and blocks and the 5th House. To go as deep into our 5th Houses as we possibly can.

Do you know the feeling? Sustained intensity.

Creation is birth.

What do you give birth to? What do you WANT to give birth to?

Love, MP

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