Moon Pluto Aspects: Death and Rebirth of the Emotional Life

Dear Moon Pluto person: what you need is someone who will not look away. What you need is someone with different s**t than you, different neuroses. What you need is someone who thinks it’s okay when your need feels bigger than the ocean. Someone you can’t scare away. Moon Pluto has enormous needs. Doesn’t everyone?

And what I mean by the title of this post, is that Moon Pluto people will die a 1000 times and be reborn 1000 times before their true self emerges. And then it will… refine again, no choice in the matter, until what emerges is pure. Pluto mines.

I do believe the natal conjunction is different from the square which is different from the opposition which is different from the sextile or trine. And what I am saying here is written with the conjunction in mind and yet I think the general feeling can be applied overall. Those with the easy aspect can work with it better, work with this energy with less pain. Bad s**t may still happen, moon pluto s**t, but the trine or sextile shows a level of support that the square or conjunction can only dream about.

Moon Pluto people must accept the nature of process: that the self will die and be reborn. And what remains the same, what threads through it all is the emotional intensity, be it grief or joy or desire or rage, whatever phase you are in. And even though it can “get better” as you age, there are always triggers and learning to work with them is, yes, a process. (I am going for maximum Virgo here: process!)

I hope this wasn’t too abstract. Just know that it is normal, that you are normal.

Note to self: Pluto rules obsession: this is part one of a series that will not die

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