Moon Pluto and Mother Issues

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The Moon is the mother and who doesn’t have mother issues? We all have a mother, come from a mother. Is it fair to say that Moon Pluto people will have more than their fair share? You tell me. The conjunction, the square, the opposition…

I have the conjunction in my first house, in Virgo. My (Scorpio) mother died young. And before that? It wasn’t easy, Pluto-style. And it’s not something I talk about much. Now this is not to say that your mother will die young. But the fact is that mine did.

Literal Moon Pluto: death/loss of the mother, death of the family, the home. God it is a gloomy Saturday, isn’t it πŸ˜‰

And this is where aspects come in. My conjunction is sextiled pretty much all around my chart. I can work with this energy. It moves, flows… as long as I pay attention to it, tend to it. As long as I DO IT. See, I have to work with this energy. I have to write. I have to speak. I have to feel. I have to… have a love life and a sex life. I have to not eat sugar to keep my moods stable πŸ™‚ I need a home (moon) for my first house Moon Pluto which will shoot its emotional intensity on over to the 7th house of the Boyfriend πŸ™‚ He is the recipient. Lucky guy πŸ˜‰ Pluto obsesses over its obsessions and with the Moon there? It feels it, every second of every day and then some. And with Moon in Virgo? It thinks, processes, catalogs…

And now this returns to the point I made in the Moon Pluto post that I linked above. Dear Moon Pluto person, regarding romance/relationships: you need someone who can receive this energy and… transform it. It’s like magic. No. It is magic. The Moon Pluto person needs a magician to (help) turn this energy from shit (Pluto) to… home? Love? Art? Whatever is required by your life. For me, it’s commitment. Moon Pluto opposing my 7th House. But… that’s not all it is.

And the Moon Pluto person needs to become her (or his) own mother. Needs to learn the art of mothering the self most of all.

Note to self: to be continued…

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