Moon, Mom, Mood, Memory: Sun Enters Cancer Tomorrow

"jupiter trine uranus"My teacher used to tell us that the Sun lights up your chart. I’m talking about the Sun by transit, how the Sun transit can predict activity.Β The Sun enters Cancer tomorrow so that part of your chart will thus be lit up and the concerns of that House come to your personal foreground (11th for me).

But it’s not just the House (and the areas of life associated with that House). Astrologers also like to talk about the sign symbology, that Cancerian or Moon themes may become prominent for you over the next month: mom, memory, mood, food, feelings, family, intuition, safety (among others).

I’m a Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars. With a Moon Pluto conjunction. My Solar Return is only a few weeks away and it’s been one hell of a year so far but for us Cancer babies? The NEW YEAR IS HERE. And last night I spent time with some friends, two moon children among them! All hail the crab! Pinchy on the outside, tender and tasty on the in πŸ™‚

the moonDo you want to move? Cancer and the Moon rule home and homesickness and homebodies and homeward bound. Do you want to make your home more homey? This is your HOMEwork πŸ™‚ Sweeten your nest. What makes you feel safe? Whether or not you have a mom or family even. You gotta be your own mom now. You’re a grown up. You can do it. All y’all. But for us Moon maidens and gentlemen, sideways is best, like the crab. You don’t have to face it all head on.

Where do you live? Where do you belong? What (who) do you cling to and why? These are Moon questions. What (who) makes you feel safe, cozy, and comforted? Hmmm…..

Happy (almost) Birthday to me. And you πŸ™‚Β 


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