Moon, Memory, Mercury, And Kasha Varnishkes

"new moon in aquarius 2012"

I nearly burst into tears today. Okay, maybe “burst” is the wrong word. It was more a “welling up of…” My Virgo Moon (feelings) in mutual reception to my Mercury (mind) in Cancer always searches for the right word.

I was cat sitting, on my way there, and stopped to get some lunch at a health food store that has a hot-food bar, salad bar — New York City is full of these places and I love variety with my meal, a little of this, a little of that.

I’m familiar with this place and yet never before had I seen Kasha Varnishkes as one of the choices. Kasha Varnishkes? Jewish comfort food? Among the quinoa and free-range turkey and kale surprise and polenta potluck? 

The kasha brought me to such emotional heights because it reminded me of my Mother, my family, my growing-up. The smells of food are the good memories that can’t take away or balance out the bad, but add some flavor to the kettle. In less than a second, one whiff, one familiar whiff and I was momentarily GONE. I didn’t mind being gone — but it was sudden (Hello New Moon in Aquarius!) Moon is Mother. Aquarius is sudden. Put the two together and Mom is stopping by unexpectedly — whether she’s dead or alive.

Mercury rules the sense of smell and with my Mercury in Cancer, I often smell her, sense her perfume. I remember once getting boxes of her clothes in the mail — the smell was there too of course, just like the hair in her hairbrush. There.

The transiting Moon and Mercury in Capricorn are trining my Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto now and opposing my Mars. It was a strong (Mars) feeling (Moon).

And then it was gone. Aquarius is like that too: free.

Are you setting intentions for the New Moon? Honestly, I haven’t yet, but I am going to take out my chart right now… and after I do a reading for someone, I am going to dwell on it, dwell in it. The Moon rules where we dwell, where we live, where we make life.

Aquarius rules friends and friendliness so be friendly to yourself this New Moon. If you can’t think of a special intention then borrow that one. Can’t go wrong with it.


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