Moon Mania: June 10th and 11th

Busy week ahead, big week, so I want to take it slow.

Let’s just talk about Monday (today) and Tuesday for right now. At least I’ll *attempt* to just talk about Monday and Tuesday.

But before that: how are you? I’m doing okay ๐Ÿ™‚ Okay is Cancerian for “no complaints.”

Monday, June 10th:

the Moon is in Cancer all day until she goes void of course in the afternoon, 5:15 pm for the Big City.

Early risers will experience the Moon conjunct Venus in Cancer and Mercury trine Chiron in Pisces.ย Good aspects for sensitive souls who love good music. Astrology for rainy days. Very Satie. Or Patrick Watson.

A few hours later the Moon opposes Pluto, squares Uranus and then trines Chiron. Turbulence followed by afterglow? Oy. Moon is conjunct Mercury before going void. Mood swings are a given this day. Watch your temper. Watch your tantrum. Approach your loved ones with love instead of suspicion. Can you do this? I’m asking myself the same thing.

Tuesday: Venus opposes Pluto and Saturn is trine Neptune (yes, this is exact). Also the Moon enters Leo on the West Coast around 10 pm.

What is this Venus Pluto energy good for? For discovery. For going deeper than is comfortable with your lover (Venus) and with your lover’s dark side (Pluto) his/her secret side, what they don’t want to reveal or remember exists. We are under this energy already; we’re in orb. The awesome thing is that… your discoveries are not necessarily dangerous, not poison arrows even though it may feel like a fight to the death. You just have to put them in context. Is it scary? Yeah. A little.

You may also hear from a former Venus or Pluto in your life. Someone who took you to that edge. You know the one.

And even though Venus is no longer in orb (exact) of Saturn and Neptune… it’s like a good smell in the kitchen lingering. And it’s not the smell of Pluto the dead rat. It’s the smell of Pluto pain with a purpose ๐Ÿ˜‰

Okay okay so maybe that smell isn’t as sweet as fresh bread or cookies it’s still part of the process. You’re still in the game. Not dead yet. I’ve been saying that a lot lately. We are at the RIGHT NOW. That’s how I feel. The moment when the yetzer hara (I don’t know how else to describe so I lapse into Yiddishisms and Torah) is doing his damn best to distract and derail you. It’s like a demon possession but you can say NO to the demon ๐Ÿ™‚ You can look that demon in the eye, which is really your fear, and even if your voice is teeny teeny tiny you can say no and break the spell and be FREE.


Everybody clear? Watch the moods, watch the swings. Watch the truth. Before you accuse someone else of having a dark side, take a look at your own, what are YOU ignoring?

Take care of yourself, my friends. Don’t let the blood sugar drop. Don’t hate yourself, etc etc etc.


Love, MP

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