Moon Magic For The Full Moon In Cancer

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Maybe you feel it already. The Full Moon in Cancer on Wednesday the 15th.

Today the Moon will square nervous Uranus, trine caring Chiron, oppose powerful Pluto, conjoin jolly Jupiter. Busy enough for you? Emotional pyrotechnics. Crankiness. Protectiveness. Nurture yourself. Take good care. Cancer takes care of everyone in her grumbly grumbly way but don’t forget to take care of you.

The January Full Moon is the Quiet Moon, Wolf Moon, Snow Moon, Moon of Little Winter (writes D.J. Conway) and I love this imagery, especially the Wolf Moon. Like many I’ve been watching Game of Thrones (and had a dream about Tyrion Lannister last night but that’s another story).

You know, I think we need rituals, we need magic, we need HELP. But it’s mostly about your thinking. If you can turn your thinking :::this way::: and see things for… not how they are, but how they ARE. It really is about shifting your perspective. It starts from inside (this adjustment) but then requires outside tinkering. Maybe you’ll light a candle. Maybe you’ll find a book of spells. Research the meanings of the January Full Moon. Create something beautiful, quiet, wolfy, and snowy. A snow globe. Now if that sounds way too messy for all you Virgos out there, use your imagination. My point is that I want you to… move a little to the left or a little to the right and tell me what you see. See deeper. Go all High Priestess here. Open up the box of treasures and look inside. That box of treasures is your life. And if you are under Saturn and have it locked up tight, you will miss this and every opportunity. You will miss the elves, you will miss the fairies 🙂

My suggestion — do a blessing or ritual or plan-making for your home. If you want to move? Set that intention. If you want to stay? Set that intention. If you want to beautify or maximize or seek protection. This especially fits because the Full Moon is in Cancer, sign of home and hearth. Write a prayer, an incantation, a wish, a desire. Dust off your altar. And… the rest is up to you.

I was back doing candle rituals but I realize I have to be extra careful now — one of the cats can jump up pretty high – to the top of the bookshelf now which is where I was lighting my candles these days so we’ll see but I definitely want to do something…

Pulled the 2 of Pentacles which tells me I really should make the time — during the Full Moon and everyday BECAUSE of all the juggling I’m doing 🙂

Do you have a ritual planned? What cards are you seeing? 

Love, MP


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