Moon Is The Heart

"full moon in aries"Moon is the heart. Not Venus. Venus is what we’re taught is the heart. The love nature. Attraction. Desire too. But that’s not the heart. I think the heart is the Moon. Mom. Yes, Mom. Our first responder 🙂 Attatchment. Security. Love. SURVIVAL. Can’t survive without Mom.

Now my point of view is a Cancerian point of view, Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars and my Moon (my Sun’s ruler) is conjunct Pluto so you know my point of view (Moon in Virgo) is going to have some depth (Pluto) to it 🙂 so I want you to ponder this and think about your own life: do you love with your Moon or love with your Venus. There is no right answer.

I think Venus is about things. Objectification. But when a relationship is in turmoil and still survives? Look for the Moon because it may be Moon-love that is marrying these people.

I’ve written about this before, somewhere on this blog 🙂 and I woke up with these thoughts this morning. I always wake up with thoughts, my to-do list, and today I woke up with Moon-love 🙂

The Moon is in fast and furious Aries now. Maybe you are having Moon-thoughts too. Or Moon-actions. Or Moon-love 🙂

Love, MP

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