Moon In Virgo For Memorial Day

"full moon lunar eclipse in sagittarius"

I always get confused on holidays.

Are the stores open?

On some holidays the stores are closed and ooooooh those must be the SERIOUS holidays because shopping is forbidden!

And then on other holidays, shopping and sales are the Spirit of the Day.

(Do I sound cynical?)

Well today I may buy a new computer which I do need. Venus is retrograde but Mercury ain’t and I am tired of delaying it.

Any time I spend a chunk of change (or more!) I get a little anxious. The Moon in Virgo won’t help that but dive in I must! (I am considering doing some crowdfunding on indiegogo)

What do you have planned today? 

And for my Readers from Around the World, today is a legal holiday i.e. the post office is closed! It’s Memorial Day, which honors veterans.

Or at least, heh, honors shopping and sales.

And by the way I have tremendous respect for the men and women who have served this country, whether they came back a hero, came back forgotten, or never came back at all. I am thinking of one client who is currently overseas in a tumultuous region.

Despite America’s flaws (don’t get me started), I am a patriot (Cancers often are). A patriot without healthcare. Don’t get me started.


In other news, my traffic is the same pretty much but I have new readers commenting these days. Thanks! And Greetings to you!


Today’s Sky: the Moon is in Virgo which I’ve been tweeting about. She’s opposing  Neptune right now and will oppose Chiron.

Does this feel good? Not really.

At first, a bit dreamy hazy fuzzy and then we head home (i.e. talking about the Moon).. and Chiron is there and… I say look the other way. If a crappy mood threatens to dull or sadden your day? Look the other way.

The Sun will sextile Uranus and the Sun (among other things) is about your self-worth so let Uranus spark you up. And it’s deep today because the Moon will trine Pluto. You can GO deep and think of something you’ve never ever thought before… about how amazing you are.

This isn’t ego, okay? This isn’t Leo, flattery or puffing up. This is Moon in Virgo. It’s critical (picky AND important, to use both meanings) and under Moon in Virgo you can afford to be an elf to yourself (as I was telling someone in the comments). Be kind, be tender, be open so you can hear what Uranus sextile the Sun has to say!

What feelings do you have for your country? For yourself? Good? Bad? Mixed? 

Love, MP

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