Moon In Virgo All Day: Help Is On The Way

"mercury square saturn"How bad does it have to get — before you ask for help? I was asking this on my Facebook and in the chat room.

Maybe you never ask for help. Maybe rarely. Or inadvertently. Maybe you HINT and hope for the best. And who do you ask when you ask? Family? Friend? God(dess)?

I asked for help earlier today and a couple months ago I also asked for help and obviously it’s such an intense process to me that I can tell you: I ASKED FOR HELP THIS DAY and I ASKED FOR HELP ON THAT DAY. And I do this for a living. People write me or call me and in essence that’s what they are saying: HELP.

And I do. I help. (Lately on my Facebook I’ve been preaching this! Jupiter is transiting my First House so I find myself preaching a lot these days.)

Today’s Moon in Virgo is helpful, practical, anxious at times, yes, VERY anxious at times 🙂 but if you need help and you need to ask for help, BE SPECIFIC.

That’s the Virgo Moon way: she seeks, and finds, coherence, clearness, solutions!

Do you need help today?