Moon In Taurus & The Lives Of Poets

The Moon is in Taurus today thus my preoccupation with food and love and pleasure.

Went out of my way to get my favorite food after the gym as though my reward for a job well done. No sweets though. Getting my fuel from earthy matters, nothing laced with sugar.

Then on the train home, received a handful poems in my inbox, poems by my old college friend and I feel in love with one of them in particular.

And I wrote to him this: I like poems best when the poet is present. But some poems are ONLY the poet, right? And it becomes a weakness. Too much voice. I think my Nostrand Avenue poem (the one that will appear in that new journal) falls into this category but hopefully reaches beyond that. And then in other poems, the poet disappears. It’s a delicate balance.

A good day. The Moon will sextile Chiron and trine Pluto. These are solid aspects, serious, solution-y. How are you feeling?

I feel like the skies are making up for recent crappy days ๐Ÿ™‚ The weekend is similarly sweet, filled with sextiles and trines. The Moon will oppose Saturn though and you’ll feel this tomorrow morning. Fixed signs especially. Something or someone standing in your way. Or maybe it’s you. You don’t need to guard the door.

Sunday: just a short void of course Moon in the afternoon then into Gemini we go wheeeeeeee fun ๐Ÿ™‚

One card for the weekend: 4 of Swords. Rest. You must rest. Not that you can’t have fun but… things are going to speed up this spring. I know Saturn will be retrograde but that’s part of the plan. Gather strength now for the changes to come. The “4” is stable like a table. Something you can touch. For some this is stagnation and for others it is restoration. Which do you choose?

I feel like I’ve got some things figured out. Maybe ๐Ÿ˜‰

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