Moon in Pisces (Void of Course)

I find myself wanting to write and not finding any inspiration. I look on my Blackberry (it’s where I write, during the day) and the drafts don’t interest me. And I think: uh-huh. Void of Course Moon. But really? Could it be? Okay, I’m a Cancer Sun. I’ve got Moon in the First House. Moon conjunct Pluto in the First House. More sensitive to the Moon, right? Yes, I am a lot of fun at parties 😉 One of my goals with this blog is to start writing a regular Moon report, not just the full and the new and eclipses, but the Moon sign and… well, I don’t have it all figured out yet. Today seems to be one of those days when thoughts don’t follow thoughts so easily. Not only is the Moon void of course but ALSO in Pisces. So, logic would follow that… this combination wouldn’t be so bad, but then again it depends what you’re doing.

Today I was on the phone with a Sagittarius and I was complaining about Brooklyn, which is not unusual for me. I was complaining about some people who looked too relaxed. Yes, this was my gripe. “We’re in Brooklyn!” I shrieked into the phone. “Brooklyn is hard, Brooklyn is Yang, Brooklyn is not for strolling and sauntering!” My little Sadge made me laugh then, as he pointed out to me that I was grumbling about… taking it easy.

I don’t remember why I started telling this story. Blame the Moon in Pisces. Blame it being Void of Course. Blame the new hot weather in the big city, stupid humid. Walking and writing are similar: one foot in front of the other, one thought in front of the other, both being oddly confusing on this Pisces Moon.

Do you follow the moon? How are you feeling today?

Note to self: sleep

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