Moon in Pisces (Void of Course) pt 2

I think I am going to start tracking the VOC moons, see if they are related to mooD and mood swings, the downward kind or any kind. I may look at aspects to my chart, but just by sign. For example, Pisces works pretty well with mine, trining my water, sextiling my earth, not really harshing on too much. However, the opposition to my Virgo? It can go either way… Still, it’s a 7th House sitch for me. Not so bad to have that lit up.

The Void of Course Experiement, Take One. I really do feel like a bump on a log. And perhaps this is what all us moon-babies are supposed to do, what they’ve always told us do. Well, I’ll start here. Always been lazy about tracking the Moon, but as a Virgo Moon, I need to figure out a way to make the Moon work for me 🙂

Ever notice how Virgo types tend to start sentences with “I think…” ?

Note to self: b r e a t h e

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