Moon in Capricorn, Saturn’s Moon

"mars in virgo 2011"
Fanny And Alexander

Your life is right now:  whatever it is, whatever is there.  It’s not something that is going to happen but now. Present moment.

This kind of talk feels like Saturn to me: work, reality, time… as opposed to Neptune who is our fantasy, ideal, like the girl you’re too scared to touch.

Real Time = Saturn

But how do we please Saturn, how do we dance for Saturn, sing for Saturn, cook for Saturn… because doing it for Neptune seems obvious enough:  you do NOTHING. You let it disappear (and this is one side of Neptune, I know).

Saturn: the shoes on your feet, stray hair on the shower wall, the rumpled bed, the pots and pans (my Virgo Moon details), the cat box, dirty or clean, the tink tink tink of the heater hissing and purring…

And can you, do you, find whatever is there, in your life, pleasing? Like God does on each day of the creation story.

Thing is:  you don’t have to.

Observation, too, is a road, path, way.  And is holy.  The holy in the everyday is my perspective: Pisces North Node in the 6th House.

Your perspective may be different. You may have a Taurus North Node in the 4th House. Look around you. What do you have? What do you own? What is home and who waits for you there?

You may have Gemini North Node in the 12th:  you are the mystic. With company!

But until you stop running away, Neptune style (and Saturn in Pisces is a difficult placement for this reason), your life is something over there.

Listen. You don’t have to love your life, or forgive it, or find it good or pleasing or beautiful.  Just notice it, touch it. Saturn. Reality. Moon in Capricorn. How does it feel? Your shoes, the shower wall, your bed, your hair. Your hair.

Maybe you have no lover to smooth your hair.  Nevertheless, pull up a chair at the table in the dirty kitchen of your life and consider it, if nothing else, YOURS.

How do you feel today? 

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