Moon In Cancer Weekend! Emotional Intensity Alert!

You can observe the emotion. You can radically accept or LOVE the emotion. You have options. You have MANY options this weekend to work with your emotions.

BONUS: Moon sextile Mercury in Virgo! A little distance goes a long way.

Another bonus! Sun trine Pluto this weekend. You know what? You’re not always right. But you’re not always wrong either 😉

Sun and Pluto together: WILLPOWER. What do you want to get done. I know these are little tasks. I know this is VIRGO. BUT… trine Pluto it adds up to something WAY BIGGER than you realize now. And that’s a promise. PATIENCE, my friends. Capricorn (Saturn) is the mountain goat and the mountain goat takes breaks, stops to get SOLID before climbing higher. All these so-called little tasks and dreary busywork has… a purpose. Keep going.

Love, MP

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